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 Latest Binaries

Bandicoot v6-rc is the latest release candidate released on Nov 30 2012.

Platform Size MD5
linux/amd64 186KB f20882be5a41140646d9fd7abbaed44b
linux/i386 169KB 526a366e5a64ed6d50b315a6a96700db
mac-os/amd64 88KB fd00176d6752cf89d682486f291be795
mac-os/i386 83KB 04882469df1cb820b599a6bfa38a341e

 Stable Binaries

Bandicoot v5 is the stable version released on May 21 2012.

Platform Size MD5
linux/amd64 169K b30b7f99c4c3ece5b8eafee1d93398c7
linux/i386 154K 7747c659d667495b788e2dda53ebec85
mac-os/amd64 81K c3d52d313b5b7837e6e4f83d0136ec4c
mac-os/i386 75K 288a40d776bdeda259d39c3eaa565264
windows/i386 198K 2ae0b1e14dcbc05459b120f63eb64520

Building from Source

You will need the following to build your own Bandicoot:

Once the tools are installed (e.g. via XCode on Mac or "apt-get install gcc libc-dev bison flex sed curl git-core" on Debian), you can proceed with the following commands.

Getting the sources and building the system:

$ git clone https://github.com/bandilab/bandicoot.git
$ cd bandicoot
$ ./ctl dist -m64 # or with -m32 for 32-bit architectures

Running the test cases:

$ ./ctl pack
$ ./ctl test


$ ./ctl todos
$ lynx http://groups.google.com/group/bandicoot